Locking Systems


Sure is sure

Test certificates verify the highest security standard due to the multifold locking systems out of hardened steel. Every system consists of:

  • Main lock
  • Additional locking (2 or 3 semi-circular locking points)

Maximum basic security provided by PIENO® 3 stage locking (Pura and Grand) and 4 stage locking (Superior and Elite). Further information about our locking systems like automatics, motorized locking, comfort opening etc. can be obtained from your PEINO specialist supplier or in the showroom.


Does away with or solves the problem of:

  • bunches of keys
  • losing keys
  • forgetting keys
  • the inadmissible passing on of keys

Advantages at a glance:

Unique comfort: an end to heavy bunches of keys, forgotten entry codes or cards
Highly practical: your key is always “at hand” – a key/finger opens the front door, garage door, garden door, office, etc.
Safety from loss: losing a key or rather forgetting and locking oneself out is impossible
Theft protection: theft of a key isn’t possible
Forgery proof: every finger (print) is unique
User friendly: the user saves the authorized persons in the system themselves (without a PC or technician)
Children friendly: suitable for children of approximately school age upwards
Intelligent software: learns with each use of the system and recognizes the growth of the children’s fingers and the changes of the users’ habits
Protection from tampering: access from outside impossible
Simple connection: to E-openers, motorized-locks or electric multi-stage locks
Complete outside utilization capability: from – 40°C to + 85°C
Maximum longevity: 4 million finger scans under normal conditions
Injuries: small injuries and cuts don’t influence the functionality 24 month manufacturer warranty

Why fingerprint?

Of all biometric methods, the finger scan is the best suited to
the general market because of costs, user acceptance, safety and
stage of development.

Why a swipe sensor?

Through the swiping action of the finger and the nature of the sensor’s
surface, no fingerprint is left on the scanner which protects against misuse
or on the other hand, forgery. Due to the small size, the production costs
sink and stability rises.

Biometric distinguishing marks are recorded by a scanner in the learning
phase; particular characteristics are extracted, processed, converted into
a binary code and then stored in a databank in an encrypted form.
With the subsequent use of the scanner the newly obtained data is
compared to that in the databank and when there’s a match the lock is released.

Code keypad

The e-key home integra keypad is built directly in the door or in the wall next to the door. Only the ultra-flat decorative element – available in three colours – is visible. The system is compatible with all e-openers, motorized-locks or wireless cylinder locks. A cable carries the encrypted opening signal to an electronic relay. The relay sends the opening impulse to the electric lock. Hence the system is not able to be tampered with from outside.
The opening occurs through entering a freely electable four to ten digit code. A six digit code is very safe and easy to remember. Via the touch-sensitive touchscreen surface a pattern can be learned as is common with most smartphones. Up to 45 codes can be programed. Therefore each user can be given their own individual entry code. With that feature one can delete the cleaning personnel’s codes anytime and replace it with a new one.