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UD-Value: 0,86

Side Elements

Door Assembly

  • Thermal insulation values as low as Ud value 0.78 W/m²K
  • Laminated glass with triple glazing as per ISO
  • Wooden core / Thermowood
  • Door leaf and frame thickness: 78mm
  • PIENO Fibreglass door sill (threshold sill)
  • Climate stabiliser
  • Security cylinder with 5 keys

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Drive-in hinge

  • Three, 3-part drive-in hinges with locking grub-screws
  • High load-supporting slide bearings
  • No abrasion, no dirty edges
  • Height –adjustable once the door leaf is hung
  • Opening angle up to 180°
  • With slip-on bushings on the hinges

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PIENO Locking System

PIENO® GFRP Door Sill (Fibreglass)


    - 5 year functionality warranty: solid staying power
    - Test climate c/d/e Class 3 according to DIN EN 1121 and DIN EN 12219


    5 year warranty
    - Against discolouration and cracking of PIENO Colour Surfaces
    - On the intrinsic value of the surface of PIENO anodized Stainless steel and Aluminium fittings (except mechanical wear)


    10 year warranty on the elasticity of the seals


    5 year warranty
    - On the functionality of the front door fittings
    - On the locking mechanisms or rather the locks and hinges
    3 year warranty
    - On the functionality of the automatic or motorized locking mechanisms
    - On the functionality of the closing cylinder


    10 year warranty against fogging between the panes of insulation glazing


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