PIENO Colour

PIENO Colour is the result of a decade of development work to give you the highest quality surfaces.
Boundless choices of colour as per the RAL-Colour chart like metallic, textured and high gloss coatings, as used in the ship-building industry, are available for one’s individual colour discoveries.

    PIENO Color offers:
  • The highest quality surfaces: satin finished, smooth surface
  • Hohe UV-Beständigkeit: no yellowing and bleaching of the surface
  • 100% water-resistant
  • No need for repainting as a result of weathering
  • Easy maintenance: with PIENO Colour surfaces only an occasional cleaning with a mild cleanser or soapy water is all that is needed.

Individual colours as per the RAL colour-spectrum. Key points: Gloss level and textured surfaces.