An excerpt out of our material options.

  • Hygienic: absolutely food safe, as no toxic substances evaporate whatsoever.
    Fungi, bacteria and mould cannot penetrate the surface. Can be easily cleaned with regular household cleansing agents.
  • Fire-proof: consists of 100% non-organic material and is categorized as non-flammable material.
    In the case of fire this ceramic material develops neither smoke nor does it give off any toxic fumes etc.
  • Heat and frost resistant: copes with all atmospherically climatic conditions.
    Absorbs effectively no moisture. (Coefficient near to zero)
  • Scratch-resistant: it has an abrasion-proof and absolutely scratch-resistant ceramic surface.
    No organic pigments are contained. It’s absolutely UV resistant.
  • Chemical resistant: withstands organic and inorganic solvents. Disinfectant and cleaning agents can’t damage the surface.
    It can be cleaned normally and the surface quality remains unchanged.
  • Rigidity: It’s virtually indestructible.

Aluminium profiles for the Chicago Series: Are available in all RAL-, metallic and textured coatings.

  • High gloss coatings: possible with all timber types.
  • Large range of colour choices: 20 different standard colour tones as well as per your personal choice.
  • Highest surface quality: due to the special coating technology, the natural appearance and beauty of the wood-grain, whether light or dark colour tones, are preserved.
  • The 4 layers of varnish-coating give each PIENO® wooden entrance door optimal long-term protection.
  • Easy maintenance: with wood balsam/cream and colourless, water-soluble wood stain.

On the inside of the entrance door it is possible to line the door leaf with textile leather – modern, original and always beautiful to look at.
Furthermore this type of material is absolutely durable and supple.

Photos, facets or fluted cut and sandblasted design glazing…